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FUTURA Jewelry: The Truth About Gold
FUTURA was born out of the mission to eliminate a global threat to the planet you may not even know about: Mercury Emissions. They are proud of the fact that their jewelry is made with only 18-karat Certified FAIRMINED Ecological gold, which is gold that is mined without the use of toxic chemicals, including mercury. They believe in clean gold for a clean earth and creating timeless jewelry with a purpose.
Alice + Whittles: Rubber Grows on Trees
Alice + Whittles found a way to work with the environment as opposed to further destroy it - the way they source their rubber is to collect it from trees.
The R Collective: Rescue, Reuse, Reimagine
The R Collective combines the ideals of circular fashion with timeless and elegant design thanks to these three little words: rescue, reuse, and reimagine.
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